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Is development still happening

Yes, just very slowly. Sorry for the delay!

Wow this game is so cool please complete it. Ill donate $5. i had to restart game 3 times before enemies appeared. i also restart my pc for the 3rd try.

Thanks for the feedback!

It's hard to find time and resources to keep making the game, but we're trying!

The restarting is a weird bug, will see if we can do something about it :)

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for some reason after playing the game for a few hours i can no longer run the game it just keeps crashing and just stays on a black screen

any idea on how to fix this?

We don't have a solution, but knowing you get a few hours out of the demo is pretty heartening! haha

cant install it in app

Hi! Which app?

It shouldn't need to be install, running it direct from the folder.

the itch io app


Hello when i went to install it it said i couldn't install it. Then when i looked to the side it said it wasn't available on windows, is that correct? and if it is when will it be available on windows?

It works on Windows and there's nothing to install. Just unzip the file and run the exe. :)

Wish there was a teleport option.  
Plus, I had to restart my game 3 times.  As the first time my hands didn't appear, and the second time no enemies appeared. 

Gotcha! The teleport option is not mapped on Vive yet, which I'm assuming is what you use?

Thanks for pointing out the bugs regarding hands and enemies.

Its like being in those old classic kung fu movies.It feels like your in the matrix.If superhot was big this will be bigger.When is the full coming out ?

Haha! Thanks for the compliment!

We don't have a release date just yet, but wishlist the game on Steam and join us on Discord!

Saw you on steam,its gonna be a hit.


this is really fun combat and the movements for the special moves feel really good. excited to see where this goes

Thanks for the feedback! :) If you're not already on our Discord ( consider joining!

Can you play this game in the windows mixed reality?

We don't have MR devices to test on, but do try it and let us know if it works!

I will, I do have to buy one lol, but i think i will buy one

oh, whoops. hahaha let us know if you do :)


Yep! Tested and working in WMR.

Love it.  Already a ton of fun and without a doubt set to become the Gorn of KungFu. 

A couple of things with the inputs (using Touch controllers on a Rift)... I kept on opening the Menu while gripping to punch and on the few occasions I tried to drag move to sidestep. Feels like using the dedicated Oculus option button would be less prone to that (instead of one of the primary buttons). 

Also I couldn't get the hang of the low inverted grip, into forward punch special move. Managed to trigger the move once ot twice but the spacial movement recognition seemed either too sensitive or not intuitive enough. 

Other moves worked great. That earthquake summon is awe inspiring :) although it would be good if opponents had blocks for these. It seemed a little too esy to bring them down from a distance. (admittedly for fewer style points) 

Again, great work. Can't wait to see how this develops.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Noted on the Forward Punch move and enemy feedback!